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Global Economy Expanded More Slowly than Expected in 2011

The global economy grew 3.8 percent in 2011, a drop from 5.2 percent in 2010. Economists had anticipated a slowdown, but this was even less growth than expected, thanks to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, unrest in oil-producing countries, the debt crisis in Europe, and a stagnating recovery in the United States. As richer economies struggle to recover from the financial crisis of 2008–09, poorer countries are facing high food prices and rising youth unemployment. Meanwhile, growing income inequality and environmental disruption are challenging conventional notions of economic health. For full report, visit the EPI website.

2011: A Year of Weather Extremes, with More to Come

The global average temperature in 2011 was 14.52 degrees Celsius (58.14 degrees Fahrenheit). According to NASA scientists, this was the ninth warmest year in 132 years of recordkeeping, despite the cooling influence of the La Niña atmospheric and oceanic circulation pattern and relatively low solar irradiance. Since the 1970s, each subsequent decade has gotten hotter—and 9 of the 10 hottest years on record have occurred in the twenty-first century. For full report, visit the EPI website.

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Matt Roney on WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show - How to Save the World: Food Security

Matt Roney, Research Associate here at Earth Policy Institute, discusses the global food supply on WYNC’s Leonard Lopate show with Glenn Denning, Director at the Center on Globalization and Sustainable Development for the Earth Institute at Columbia University.

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