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As drought and high temperatures continue to devastate much of the country's corn and soybean crops, the USDA reports that food prices will continue to rise at least into 2013. NPR senior business editor Marilyn Geewax and The Earth Policy Institute's Lester Brown discuss the rising cost of food.

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The world is in serious trouble on the food front. But there is little evidence that political leaders have yet grasped the magnitude of what is happening. The progress in reducing hunger in recent decades has been reversed. Unless we move quickly to adopt new population, energy, and water policies, the goal of eradicating hunger will remain just that. For full report visit the EPI website.

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In a press teleconference held on July 19, environmental analyst and President of Earth Policy Institute Lester Brown cautioned that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has grossly underestimated the decline of the 2012 U.S. corn harvest.

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